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Insulation Cutters | HVAC Insulation Cutting Machines

Tin Knocker TK Liner Table

The Tin Knocker manual insulation cutter slits fiberglass insulation to length and width. Material is fed into the machine with a crank handle. The desired width is immediately cut with the adjustable slitter blade while the insulation is fed into the blade. The embedded scale makes for fast and accurate cutting. Once the material is at the desired length the operator pulls the handle, quickly and efficiently slitting the insulation to length with the crosscut blade. The result is a simple and easy way to make repeatable cuts to fiberglass insulation.

*This machines ships knocked down. Assembly is Easy.

TK Liner Table Specifications:
Roll width: 60” Max
Roll Diameter: 40” Max
Liner Thickness: ½ to 2”
Liner Density: 1 ½ to 3 lbs.

Payoff reel, adjustable width
Quick cut slitter, length & width
Embedded scale for fast slitting to width

Cuts Width & Length

Shipping Information:
270 lbs.
79" x 28" x 24"

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Duro Dyne Insulating Equipment Model LSU Manual

The LSU Advanced Liner Sizer will help size and cut duct liner more efficiently than ever thought possible with a hand operated machine. It's enhanced features, make it possible to cut cotton fiber insulations, filter media, rubberized products and other unusual materials. The cross cut and slitter blades are mechanically gear driven to spin while cutting. This spinning action shears the material to create precise cuts in the most difficult of substances.

Duro Dyne LSU Liner Sizer

LSU Advanced Liner Sizer -

The Duro Dyne LSU Advanced Liner Sizer is an enhanced version of the popular Model LS5 making it capable of cutting the new Cotton fiber insulations, filter media and rubberized products. The cross cut and slitter blades are mechanically gear driven to spin while cutting. This spinning action shears the material to create precise cuts in the most difficult materials.

The Duro Dyne LSU includes these features:

Increases Productivity - The Duro Dyne LS insulation cutting machine allows you to both slit and cut insulation efficiently and accurately. By rotating a crank handle, the liner is quickly fed through the machine. This handle has a direct chain drive for easy operation. Also, Duro Dyne has built into the LS a quick release handle that allows the operator to remove or reposition the uncut material using one or both hands.

Self Adjusting - Automatically, the Duro Dyne LS insulation cutter accommodates material that varies in thickness from 1/2" to 2"/ . No time consuming manual adjustments are necessary. Just feed in the liner and you are ready for production.

Easily adaptable to shop layout- Cross cutting insulation can be done from either side due to a swivel mounted 36" long handle. The Duro Dyne LS insulation cutting machine crank handle can be converted easily for operation from either side.

Reliability- The Duro Dyne LS hvac insulation cutter is manufactured by skilled mechanics, utilizing the latest production techniques. Each unit has been rigorously tested prior to packaging and shipment in order to insure trouble-free operation.

Operation- The liner easily feeds through rollers by rotating a hand crank operable on either side of machine. A slitting blade provides accurate clean cuts of desired widths. Cross cutting is probided by a transverse rotary cutting blade which the operator draws across the line from either side of the machine. The handle rotates 360 degrees to swing out of the way when not in use. The machine head can be mounted and used on your own table or can be used with the supplied Duro Dyne frame. This frame not only supports the head but also can accommodate one roll of insulation, (up to 60" wide and 40" diameter), that can be pre loaded onto the built-in reel for continuous , productive operation.


Duro Dyne Insulation cutter Model LSU:

  • Roll width : Up to 60"
  • Roll Diameter : Up to 40"
  • Liner Thickness : 1/2" through 2"
  • Liner Density : 1-1/2 to 6 lbs. density
  • Slitters : Up to 5


  • 62 1/2" Long
  • 82" Wide
  • 52" High
  • Blades 6" diameter Carbon Steel
  • Exit Table Not Supplied

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Duro Dyne Insulating Equipment Model PLSU2 - Automatic

The PLSU2 is the latest in Automatic Liner Sizer cutters for the HVAC Industry. The gear driven slitter and a pulley driven cross cut blade create a powerhouse to tackle all specialty insulations. This new cutting action will allow the PLSU2 to accommodate virtually all insulation types on the market including closed cell products, cotton fiber, Neoprene, Elastomeric Foam & more.

Duro Dyne Model PLSU2 Automatic Liner Sizer -

MATERIAL HANDLING: The drive rollers of the PLSU2 also run in reverse for easier material loading/unloading.

UNIVERSAL WORKFLOW: The portable controls allow for one machine to work for both ‘Left to Right’ and ‘Right to Left’ flows. The PLSU2 can also be manually operated if desired in addition to automatic operation.

CUTTING ASSEMBLY: The PLSU2 comes standard with 1 pulley driven cross cut blade for cutting to length and 1 gear driven slitter for cutting various widths. Additional slitters can be added (up to 4).

FRAME ASSEMBLY: The insulation rack will hold two rolls of insulation standard as shown. An additional assembly is also available that can accommodate another 2 rolls.

ACCURACY: The PLSU2 is built to maintain a tolerance of + or – 1/4” of length desired as well as slitting accurately to desired widths.

EASE OF ADJUSTMENT: Convenient flip top Plexiglas guards allow easy access for multiple slitter positioning with new safety sensors on Blade enclosures for added protection. The settings for both width and length are made easily and quickly by the mechanic. All machine functions are controlled by 4 push buttons and one toggle switch. Material handling is minimized.

HIGH PRODUCTION: PLSU2 will slit material at the rate of 40 linear feet per minute. Where material is to be cut to length as well, a full roll of insulation can be sized in less than 5 minutes.

RELIABILITY: Duro Dyne’s experience with manual insulation cutters provides the technical know-how for producing a powered machine which will perform to the high standards required. Many PLSU2 insulation cutters are already providing contractors with efficient trouble free production in shops throughout the country

SAFETY: The PLSU2 is designed with operator safety in mind. Guards and interlock switches minimize the possibility of accidents caused through operator error.

SERVICE: Duro Dyne, through its regional offices, sales engineers and select distributor organizations, assures you of assistance when required. Our service department
technicians are available to help you keep your machine operating in top condition at all times.

Duro Dyne Model PLSU2 Auto Liner Sizer Features and Specifications :


• Durable pulley driven cross cut blade for cutting to length
• 1 gear driven slitter for cutting various widths. (4 can be added for additional cost)
• An insulation rack is designed to keep liner square and hold up to 2 rolls standard. An additional assembly
is also available that can accommodate another 2 rolls.
• Micro switch interlocks on all guards for safety.
• Reliable pneumatic controls
• Proven 24-volt components for all control circuits.


• Cradle accommodates liner roll up to 60” width, 40” diameter
• Oil bath reducer with 25 to 1 ratio
• 1/3 horsepower motor
• 66” long; 1-1/2” diameter automatic tensioning cable cylinder for cross cut blade.
• 1 crosscut assembly, 1 slitter assembly
• Electrical requirements: 110 volt, 15 AMP
• Air requirements: 80 P.S.I.

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